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We are always looking for more venues to host our paint parties

Spirits and Splatters Paint Parties keep growing in popularity and we are always looking for new bars and restaurants to share in the success of our social painting parties.

Our events can turn a slow night at your space into a lucrative party, complete with paying (and painting) customers. At no charge to you, each Spirits and Splatters event will bring approximately 20 – 30 new customers to your venue on a quiet night to paint, eat, drink and have a good time! We might also suggest that you consider providing each attendee with a 2 for 1 coupon to encourage them to return again with a friend in tow. A Win-Win-Win for everybody!

Let us take care of the details!

You provide a date, time, and space. We handle the rest! We will bring all the painting supplies needed for the evening, take care of setup and tear down, and best of all, NO MESS. We only use non-toxic, acrylic paints that can easily be cleaned with just water.

What you and your venue can expect:

  • Exposure to a new customer base – event popularity is continuing to increase dramatically!
    • Increased bar sales on traditionally slow nights – 20 – 30 attendees x two drinks on average.
    • Events last approximately 2.5 hours and usually start at 7:00 pm weeknights or 6:00 pm on weekends. Contact us for other event times, we are very flexible.
    • We arrive 1 hour ahead of time to set up and stay 1 hour afterwards to clean up. (We’re in… we’re out!)

What we need:

  • Seating– Chairs and tables for 20 – 30. Tables should cleared and cleaned by the time we arrive so we can cover them with our coverings.
    • Wait staff – We leave coverage details up to you, but it is suggested that your bar sales will increase if your staff is attentive throughout the event, picking up empty glasses and asking people for refills. Attendees start arriving 30 minutes before the event and stay 30 minutes afterwards. You should expect a rush in the first 45 minutes as everyone arrives.
  • Water- is needed to fill plastic cups for the paintbrushes.
  • Music- We supply our own music on portable equipment that plays when the Paint Slinger is not giving instructions. To avoid disturbing other patrons, it’s ideal to place us in an area separate from those not participating in our event. Delete, we don’t disturb other patrons, they love watching us and when we’re in a separate room, they actually drop in to see what we are doing. We want to be in the open so others see us.
  • Lighting– Our painters need it to be as bright as possible. Please turn up the lights during a Spirits and Splatters event. We will need some power outlets for extra lighting.

What we need to promote your event and venue:

  • Start date– Ideally we require 4-5 weeks advance notice to promote your event effectively. The sooner your event is officially listed, the larger the crowd you can expect.
  • Promotional materials – Your logo, images and text to advertise your business. While we can obtain these from your website, originals are best to portray a professional appearance.

Regular engagements:

Regular events provide mutual benefit! We are more than happy to let you try us once. If all goes well, we may ask you to become a weekly host- same time, same place, same Bat Channel. Easy for everyone to remember and increases event traction and traffic. More painters for us, more customers for you!

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