Paint Slingers

Electric Elaine DeCunha MA

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Mona_LisaElaine, the original paint slinger, was a highly skilled finger painter and mastered Etch-a-Sketch by the end of high school.  Clearly art was her talent and passion and she began to pursue this avenue at the Ontario College of Art.  However, tormented by visions of canvases blowing around the gas stations, starving, only to leave her children as millionaires when she died, made her think, “Whoa…Nelly,” and she decided to pursue a more stable path and signed up for Criminology at the University of Guelph with a minor in Fine Art.  During this tremendous period of growth she began working at Guelph Correctional Centre teaching art to inmates.  Although Etch-A-Sketches were not allowed due to security reasons, finger-painting and every other form of art was.  (Finger-printing was a whole other art).

It was here that Elaine discovered the true value of art and its impact on the human soul.  She also discovered tremendous creativity locked behind the walls and in the person.  She had a captive audience and they had time on their hands- a winning combination.  Over the next 6 years Elaine expanded her artistic explorations to sculpture in clay, metal, soapstone, wood and concrete, all the while being continuously amazed by the talent and innovation of the inmates.  Even the simplest things were creatively recycled, like an old toothbrush so delicately carved to resemble a fine knife.  Now, not only were they winning bench pressing records, but also Prison Arts awards which were nationwide.

In need of space for incoming students, UofG administrators gave Elaine a Master’s degree, which actually worked to gain employment.

While enjoying her career, Elaine continued to be involved in the art world, taking many courses at Haliburton School of Fine Art and other art schools, and eventually joined the Board of Directors at the Art Gallery of Peterborough.  She has lived abroad, travelled extensively and currently resides in a quaint village called Millbrook, Ontario.

Elaine truly believes that if she can teach inmates how to paint and not get killed, she can teach you!


Hot Pink Holly Young BFA

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”Scott Adams

Holly has a passion for art and design and attended Brock University where she obtained her Bachelor degree in Fine Art.  She then furthered her studies at Sheridan College, where she graduated with her interior decorating certificate.

Colour, composition and brushwork all play key roles in her painting process. She works with many mediums including, acrylic, water colour, mixed media.

She now works as a fine artist and decorator, and accepts commissions.

In her spare time she enjoys getting her hands messy with her two little girls, they love being creative just like their mom. She also enjoys travelling, photography

and dance. She is constantly evolving as an artist, and is excited to share her creative energy with others.


Emerald Erin  BFAH, BEd

Every child is an artist. The problem is remaining an artist when you grow up.”



Erin is an outgoing and passionate elementary school teacher with a background in painting and printmaking. She enjoys creating big, drippy landscape paintings and loves to make a mess! After graduating from Queen’s University in 2015 with an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Education, Erin hopped on a plane and spent a year abroad traveling and working in Australia. She recently returned and is excited to be working as a “Paint Slinger” for private and public paint parties in the Guelph area. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her dog, friends and family!

Jewel-toned Julia

“I never get tired of the blue sky.”  Vincent van Gogh

Julia has been drawing and creating art for as long as she can remember. After drawing primarily with crayons and scented markers in kindergarten, Julia graduated to coloured pencils and graphite in elementary school. She soon began experimenting with other media in high school such as acrylic paint, water colour, charcoal, and pastels, and received accolades and awards for her artistic achievements throughout.

Julia graduated from McMaster’s Arts & Science program with an Honours degree, and went on to pursue her Post Graduate Certificate in Addictions & Mental Health at Durham College. Julia has continued to keep the arts in her life throughout school and up to the present, participating in McMaster’s Musical Theatre program for four seasons and taking Improv Classes at The Second City in Toronto. All the while, Julia has continued to sketch, draw, and create art as an expression of her current mood – she firmly believes in art’s therapeutic and calming qualities. Julia is thrilled to be joining the Spirits & Splatters team in the hopes of sharing her passion and love of art and beauty with others.

Her spirit of choice? A spicy Caesar with adequate garnish.

Aqua Bliss Amanda

Amanda is from a small town called Maynooth where the early stages of her interest in art started. Being involved in her community, she showed her interest through artwork she created for the local library.

After high school she attended Sheridan College for Art Fundamentals; upon graduation she attended Georgian college where she completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts.

She is an emerging artist who has been a part of group shows including: Graduation Exhibition Thompson Rivers, Ethereal Threads, DIY Collective, I’m the One in the Yellow Jacket, and The Art Gallery of Bancroft Juried Exhibition. She is currently living in Mississauga Ontario and is inspired by her surroundings and the effects of our environment.




Janice was using colour and design at a young age. While using the couch as a canvas with her mother’s lipstick was not the best decision, she then sought out other forms of self expression.  After studying art and photography at the University of Western, she thought she wanted to teach young minds how to use colour and not use the couch as a canvas, and went forth and obtained her teaching degree from the University of Toronto.

After having two sons she went back to school, yet again, to explore using Art a therapeutic tool which spoke to her artful soul.  Using art to heal has been an important tool for self discovery.  Janice loves helping others to heal their inner sanctum of unexpressed emotions and help them create a new joy filled creative life.

After many art shows, gallery life, commission, endless hours teaching and evolving her own art, she is ready for more adventures.

Life has moved her to share her passion for creative and colourful living.

Willow Green Wendy

Wendy grew up in Pickering, actually called Bay Ridges, married with 2 mature children.  She knew she was destined to paint when she ate crayons at an early age (trust me “Red” is the best so leave it till last).  Worked in the office environment some of it in collections – so she does know how to approach people, but always loved helping people and being around them and has an outgoing personality.  Originally she got into Folkart and taught this for awhile but other things came up.  Never lost the love of painting so am very happy to be with Spirits and Splatters so that I can teach, paint and have fun with others.

Neon Natalia


Hello. My name is Natalia Howard. My biggest loves in life is fine art, especially painting.  I enjoy painting landscapes and portraits, abstract and representational. I have studied privately with artist Nadia Seagull a number of years. I have also attended art history courses: Art of Asia and Roman Art and Architecture at York University. I like to sketch with pencils and charcoal the people and places where I travel. I love painting with oils, especially landscapes, in the style of impressionism. My favourite artist is Claude Monet. I have sold my paintings in the past and now I’m concentrating on teaching fine art.